There are two types of mindsets we can cultivate. One that embraces problems as opportunities to learn, and one that avoids them, often out of fear to fail. People that avoid conflicts can be described as having a fixed mindset. Those who see problems as interesting challenges have a growth mindset.


We tutor young people from aged 8 to 18 who require general assistance with Maths, English and the Sciences.

Our goal is to help children develop into confident, engaged, motivated and independent learners; helping to reverse self-limiting beliefs by providing them with a set of techniques that can be applied across a wide range of subjects. We take great pleasure in seeing our students achieve their goals, both big and small.

We also offer guidance and support to children and parents who are preparing for entrance exams.

Our courses include:

  • English & Maths Study Group
  • Maths Masterclass
  • Science Masterclass
  • 1-2-1 Tuition